I am an assistant research scientist at the Johns Hopkins University department of physics and astronomy. I predominantly work on Galactic archaeology and interstellar: emphasis in the former on the stellar populations of the Galactic bulge, Galactic globular clusters, metal-poor stars; and emphasis on the latter on the wavelength-dependence of the extinction curve, and the coupling between dust extinction and dust thermal emission. I also collaborate on the microlensing planet campaigns such as that of WFIRST.

I have previously worked at The Australian National University with Martin Asplund on Galactic archaeology. I completed my PhD at the The Ohio State University in August 2012 with Andrew Gould on “The Galactic Bulge Stellar Population.”


Department of Physics & Astronomy,  Johns Hopkins University

Office 519, Bloomberg Center for Physics and Astronomy

Email:  dnataf1 -at- jhu dot edu, david dot nataf -at- gmail dot com

Tel: (+1) four, four, three-410-1866