About Me

Astronomy, general adulting, taking care of my self, and modest quantities of sleep take up the vast majority of my time. Thankfully, I manage to keep a little bit for a few activities that help keep me sane and happy.


Volounteering at the Maryland SPCA

I'm a volounteer dog deputy and nursery nanny (puppies, kittens) at the Maryland SPCA (http://www.mdspca.org/). Dogs are definitely better than we are, and the cuddles are comforting. At left, I'm seen with a shy and beautiful hound named Lady Marmalade, who has since been adopted into her fur-ever home. 


Cooking and baking for friends, attending cooking classes, and reading up on nutrition science.

I love food, and at some point I decided to learn more about it myself and prepare some of my own meals ... I hone my craft on items such as risotto, baked salmon, mushroom chili, squash agrodolce, pecan pie, etc. Sometimes, I compensate by reading academic papers on subjects such as lipid metabolism and intermittent fasting, which I occasionally implement. Of possible interest:




Movies, literature, and the humanities

We are unquestionably blessed to live in this era of unprecedented knowledge, achievement, and inquiry not just in astronomy, but in other fields as well. I like to watch films (from blockbusters through documentaries), to listen to talks on social developments, and occasionally to read classic books such as the brilliant one on the left.